Arti Bhajans and Mantras

Arti Bhajans and Bhajans

Sri Narayani and her team will make all these songs available for you.

Sri narayani
Sri Narayani singing Bhajan

Vaishnav Bhajans are very soothing and make us feel good when we listen to them.


They are of different types- praying, offering, remembering, pleasing, etc.

In this Kalyug world, it is very difficult to learn and understand the power of God. Likewise, It is very difficult to pray to them and please them.

The only method being defined to please God is by taking his name again and again, as my times as you can.

Sri Narayani is here to make it easy for you – reciting mantras and bhajans in a very comfortable way.

As many times you listen to them and practice, it will become easy for you.

Additionally, People are singing Arti Bhajans and Mantras since Ancient times. The basic thing a person should adopt is Praying and Pleasing the God.

Vaishnav songs are devotional songs composed in the glorification of Lord Krishna and his devotees too.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the supreme personality of Godhead. Eternal associates of the Lord and his surrendered devotees have composed all the Vaishnav Bhajans.

Furthermore, These songs give us a glimpse of the highest devotional ecstasies of Krishna Consciousness.

Moreover, Singing these songs of devotion is an essential tool of Bhakti yoga. It, uniquely, at once liberates us from the miseries of this temporary world and transfers our consciousness to a higher level of love of God.

arti bhajans and mantras
Devotees dancing on Arti bhajans and mantras recitation
Vaishnav song

These Vaishnav songs popularly called Bhajans, have been written in traditional languages. Sri Narayani will present all types of Arti Bhajans and Mantras of Vaishnav songs.


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