Articles by Sri Narayani

  • How to make the child cooperative
    Is your cooperative Or Do they feel angry when asked to help Sometimes parents ask if they should ask kids for helping in household activities. Isn’t its parents’ responsibility to handle this thing on their own. Even if they are asked to participate in household chores, they seem unwilling to […]
  • Real Women Empowerment
    Women Empowerment is a buzzing word in society these days. Every NGO and political party is using these words to highlight themselves. The efforts that are done have very little to do with actual women empowerment. In the hide of these words, either someone is taking the limelight or young […]
  • Material World
    “Material World” is a terminology, which refer to the place where we are present now and to all the cosmic surroundings. People says that it is a place to enjoy. The scientist says that the world is just random combination of atoms. While Mayavadi says ‘Brahm satyam jagat mithya’, which means this material world is false and everything is unreal here just like a dream, only Brahman effulgence is reality. Read More…

Sri Narayani are providing very good articles, a few are presented above.

One should always read such kinds of articles to make themselves attentive, informative, active and many more.

Reading of more such articles make you more knowledgeable.

These are the articles that explain the current scenario broadly and with full depth. You may have listened to the topic Women Empowerment which is only about explaining their true-self but Sri Narayani is telling about REAL women empowerment which make your thinking more clear about the power of women.

How can a woman use their power for doing so many different things that a man should not be able to do.

Similarly, there are so many people who don’t know the difference between the material and the spiritual world.

In one of her articles, she is, clearly, explaining the material world, it’s pros and cons, many more similar things.

She tells about the basic difference between both the worlds and which world should a person choose for their well being.

Moreover, In her next article she tells about ” How to make your child cooperative “, using her parenting skills.

She keeps conducting workshops like these and expresses her parenting art to help other parents who are suffering and unable to handle their child properly.

In this special article, she tells about the techniques a parent should adopt, to make their child cooperative.

There are many more such informative articles which you will find over here and will also be able to compare the knowledge you obtain from Sri Narayani’s article and other available articles.