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Sri Narayani has dedicated her life teaching Parenting and spiritual knowledge on the basis of Bhagavad Gita as it is. So She has a profound knowledge on all these aspects of life. You can ask any question

Regarding Parenting

Queries normally asked:

1] Why children become so angry? How to control them?

2] Our children are screen addict. What to do?

3] How to make child cooperative?

4] Students are not studying consistently, What should we do?

5] How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in our child?

6] How can a child be problem solver not a problem creator?

For the solution of all these questions, you may visit the site OTU and You can also join the beautiful parenting courses designed to meet your needs..

Regarding Spiritual Life

So many questions are asked related to Spiritual Life like:

1] Who am I ?

2] Who is God and How can we connect to them?

3] Why can’t we see Him?

4] Why good people have to suffer and bad people flourish?

5] What are the major problems of Life?

6] Why people take birth and suffers death?

7] What is the basic purpose of Life?

All the problems are suffered by every person in this world. To get their answers, listen to Sri Narayani in her live sessions and ask your queries too.

Gita Gyan

Additionally, You can also join her Bhagavad Gita lessons and the basic points of life in her Live Classes on her channel Gita Gyan and people attend that class consistently and keep asking their doubts from her.

She solves all their doubts as soon as she can with her best.

Furthermore, In the same manner she will be solving all your doubts. You can be in touch with her through her channels.

She is none less than a counselor for the people who connect with them verbally, mentally and socially.

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