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How to make the child cooperative

cooperative child formula by SHRI NARAYANI

Is your cooperative Or Do they feel angry when asked to help

Sometimes parents ask if they should ask kids for helping in household activities. Isn’t its parents’ responsibility to handle this thing on their own. Even if they are asked to participate in household chores, they seem unwilling to do so. They always like to be in their world. They don’t want to cooperate.

Usually, we find that mothers complaining about their child that they donot  help in their household activities. They are even irresponsible to take up their own work.

Why it is important to make the child Cooperative

According to many types of research, the child who helps in household work has better life skills, care, and problem-solving attitude. Well-known research of Harvard proved that the children who help in daily work at home fare better in psychosocial variables and biological processes. Such cooperative attitude is very much required as children learn:

  • Humbleness: The child becomes more humble towards parents and elders because they can understand the efforts done by them. When they work with parents, they start respecting them. They can understand the efforts and pains taken by all the elders  for them and so they develop the feeling of gratitude for their parents. On the contrary, those who do not participate in any household chores, they cannot develop the appreciation for the efforts done by the parents.
  • Life skills: The life skills of cleaning, moping, cooking etc help them handle all these work throughout life easily. The children cultivate both the habit and confidence to do all such daily life requirements. As one can understand that food, clothing, cleanliness are basic life necessities. Learning such daily requirements empowers a child to live an independent and —–life.
  • Feels competent: The children who minor repairs. etc feel competent and empowered and so their confidence in problem-solving increases. Minor breakdowns of things, bulb change, minor clothing issues happens in our daily life. Calling a technician for such a minor job is both tedious and costly. If a child learn such minor repairs, he can handle these things very easily. The efforts, cost and the time saved by this training is just a side product as compared to the tension less life, that they spend.
  • Teamwork: Such children know the art of working in a team. When they work with their family and siblings, they learn the importance of teamwork and how to handle various issues which may arise while working in a team. They learn to cooperate, negotiate, communicate clearly as a team member. This team work at home becomes a hands-on experience for them to be implemented in their work life later on.
  • Reduce Stress: Usually, working parents have too much of work load. As age grows, the parents also face certain health problems. When children participate in household work, the stress of household chores is shared by all the members of family. Research shows that such household chores also reduce their own mental stress. When children do such physical activities, their mental stress reduces drastically.
  • Develops Servitude: Children who help in their childhood generate a service attitude. Their emotional quotient is also more than others. Those who serve their parents in childhood time are seen to serve their parents in old age too. There are surveys that such children help in even social problems, without just becoming selfish.
  • Reduction of screen addiction: The screen addiction in children has arisen to an alarmic level. If a child participate in household chores, his addiction reduces as their time for screen reduces.
  • Child becomes responsible: When the child are allotted little regular responsibilities, they learn how to become responsible for a particular work. Their careless attitude reduces

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