Sri Narayani is currently helping so many parents in giving the right approach to cultivate their children. Parenting cannot be done in the old traditional way as the children are changing and so is their environment. So parents can learn the new language of children so that they can be given the right approach towards life and become responsible beings.

My Story

October 1974 Born as Sonu Aggarwal

Born to loving parents when a girl's birth was a stigma. The father was a hard-working business and the mother was a loving homemaker. Although she was very naughty but intelligent.

Early Childhood
An Inquisitive Child
Narayani childhood

From childhood, she was an inquisitive child. Understanding any concept with logic was her first priority. Reading Vedas, Ramayana and other books was her passion. She was a energetic but serene child. She was always looking for the  logics and asked why ...?

1992: School Topper Kulachi HansRaj Model School, Delhi
school topper

Sonu Aggarwal was amongst the toppers of her school Kulachi HansRaj Model School with 99% marks in Mathematics and 99% in Biology and 96.4% aggregate.

1995: Topper of all Three years B.Sc (Physics Honours)
Topper of Hindu College at Delhi University
Topper of Hindu college, DU

Topped Hindu College, Delhi University all the three years of graduation in B.Sc (Physics) Hons. She was awarded various scholarships and awards.

1998: Qualified Chartered Accountancy Now CA SONU GUPTA
Qualified CA, DISM
ca degree

She qualified for Chartered Accountancy with 91% marks in Accountancy and 89% in Financial Management. She also became Delhi topper of DISM. She also cleared her Civil Service examinations.

1997: Opened NGPA Rohini, Delhi
Choose Education as her Profession
Sri narayani

She became a pioneer in establishing the CA Education  as a formal educational sector. Stated with her "NGPA" with a humble beginning and dedicated heart and soul to every student. 

She wanted to give students the education with a right direction. The students must get Education with a purpose so that they just don't become a heartless money making machine.

2001: Authored First Book Accountancy
Emerged as an eminent author
Shri Narayani author

Her first book on Accountancy of CA Intermediate level. One by one, the brand was opening new centres and she wrote many books on Accountancy, Costing, Strategic management and Financial management. 

2004 NGPA expanded
Institute Expanded
Sonu Gupta classes

The Institute started expanding from its base in Delhi. Thousands of students joined the classes. 

Very soon, there were branches all over India and the institute started their classes through satellite. Thousands of students took the benefit of the deep conceptual clarity and enormous facilities of the institute.

2004- 2012 Tremendous Performance
All India Ranks
CA toppers results

The students of CA Sonu Gupta were always amongst the All India Rank Holders including AIR 1. The toppers of Accounts scored as high as 97% and 95% in costing and Financial Management. The Performance was rising with the increasing facilities for the students.

2012 Crisis phase
Life turned
crisis of life

Life is never the same. Bad days comes in everybody's life. Everything snapped. But She always believe that  we should not stop even in storm. Although slow, she stood and walked again.

2012 Never say die
Completed Bhakti Sastri
Chanting Sri Narayani

Inspite of all difficulties, she completed her Bhakti Sastri. The Divine help always shows the way, we just have to depend on Him.

Learning Parenting was her new passion, to support her own children and come out of trauma.

She believe " Veer Tum badhe halo..

2013 Rebuild
GM Education
Sonu Gupta CA teacher

Restarting New institute was never easy. But she stood again and built the new institute, where the guidance to many students continued. Teaching the students was just not a passion but a cause for her.

2019 New dream
Online Training University

To reach out the students even in remote areas, She founded OTU, the online platform where the classes reached the students through a perfect learning management classes. 

2020 New Dimension
Bhaktivedanta Gurukul & International school

To serve the children with a holistic life, she joined Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school as Principal. Here, with her well qualified and devoted team, she  want to make the children the ideals of the society.

2021 New Mission
Holistic Parenting
Holistic parenting Formula

Sri Narayani is on a mission of Million Happy Families and cultivate bright and responsible children.

Her vision to guide parents so that they can rear up their children with 21st century skills. The ways of parenting are now revolutionised. Parents must get this training so that the needs of latest generation can be addressed and their minds are channelised in the right direction.