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Real Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a buzzing word in society these days. Every NGO and political party is using these words to highlight themselves. The efforts that are done have very little to do with actual women empowerment. In the hide of these words, either someone is taking the limelight or young generations are doing anything which reflects their rebellious nature. So let’s understand what is Real Women Empowerment.

Real Women Empowerment is uncovering the qualities of a woman, developing them and using them as their power. Nature has made a woman superior and awarded her with such divine and subtle qualities which makes her superior in many areas. She has many qualities which create a balance between man and woman. God has made women capable to bear the pain and therefore she can bear the pain of giving body to a soul. As she has more tolerating power, she is capable of finding solutions to every problem.

In the name of women empowerment, women wear anything, say anything, do anything and she has been used by advertisers to instigate the desires. Being used for selling products, she has lost her identity and has herself being posing like a product. Such behavior is not recommended in Vedic culture. Our Vedic culture says women must be worshipped and held in high esteem. We have a culture of worshipping our Gods in the form of Devi, our country as Mother Earth. We are a culture of worshipping our mother, protecting our sisters, loving and respecting wife.

Our Vedic history is full of such examples. Kekai, although known for her wrong decision, which was due to her bad association. But looking beyond her mistake, we can admire her for so many qualities. She was not only a great mother, a great artist, a great cook but also a great administrator and a great warrior. She was also a loving wife who was adored by her husband Dasratha, the most.

In later years, she took a negative step that changed the life of almost everybody. She took to the bad association of her maidservant Manthra. That beloved wife turned into a jealous and unjust woman who became the cause of the historical disaster. King Dasratha lost his life and all wives became widows, two sons were exiled in forests, her own son renounced her, the whole Ayodhya was in trauma and chaos. This incident teaches us about the power of a woman. A spoilt woman can be very dangerous and destructive.

In Vedic times, girls were trained so that they can acquire all good qualities. Our queens have always given great examples of confidence, intelligence, and strength. With time, the education pattern has changed. The education given to the girls these days is dry materialistic knowledge. They neither have any spiritual base nor they are taught to enhance the qualities of women in them.

Men are usually known for their physical strength and power, whereas women are known for their mental resilience and creativity. This indicates the balance in society. Hanuman forgot his powers due to a curse, but when Jambwant reminded him of his powers, he could cross the entire ocean in just one jump and reached Lanka. Similarly, all women possess qualities and when they will realize them and learn how to develop them, then this world will become a better place. Things will automatically fall in their place.

AC Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupad broke several myths and conservative customs related to women. Prabhupad named them “Mataji”, meaning mother which brings them respect for them. Mataji doesn’t imply an old woman, even a young girl is denoted as Mataji as a mark of respect. He revolutionized the role of a woman in serving the Lord. They were allowed to serve the deities in the altars, Chant mantra, and even Brahminical mantras and involved in preaching so many different creative ways. He knew that she can bring changes in two families with whom she is associated but also can change the entire world by changing the next generation.

Power already prevails in women, it simply needs to be revived. Today, women think if they learn to shout and protest, their power can be noticed, but the real power lies in her simplicity and politeness. Politeness and good conduct are essential in winning someone’s heart.

One day, somebody commented to me that not all Women are the same. I agreed and affirmed that it is true since not all men are like Lord Ram. Some men misuse their masculinity, similarly, some women misuse their feminism. They lack training and do not know how to handle and explore their qualities.

Women have different qualities, which are their actual power. Real Women Empowerment means the development of these qualities and using them as power for their personalities.

Powers of a Woman

First Power is Humility. Humbleness is a women’s greatest accessory. She cannot be respected in the absence of it. Humbleness means freedom from false ego and pride. She should learn to handle situations with a smile and with a serving attitude. By her humility, she occupies a special place in everyone’s heart and her empathy brings inner peace for everyone.

The second Power is Shyness. Shyness is the best jewel which one wears. A man always respects a woman having the quality of shyness. One of the very essential aspects is decent clothing, irrespective of what she is allowed to wear.

 The third power is Forgiveness. In Mahabharata, the biggest example is Draupadi who forgave Ashvathama, who killed her all five sleeping sons brutally. She adopted the right attitude even towards people who brought so much pain in her life. This helped her family recover from all the pain and anxiety the whole family could have gone through.

The fourth power is Service attitude: She has the motivation to serve others despite of her poor health at times and never asks for recognition in return. She never asks for any compensation and loves selflessly. Shabri is the best example, who swiped the forest clean with her braid so that Bhagwan Ram faces no obstacles in his path. Similarly, Gopis serve Kanha with their pure love. They kept Makhan for him without any motive and expectation.

The fifth power is tolerance and patience. Women may cry but will not break. Because of her resilience, she not only gives birth to a child but also nurtures them till the end. Kunti Maharani is the true example of tolerance who raised five sons single-handedly and with good moral values. She never cursed anyone for her circumstances despite all the pain she had to endure.

The sixth power is beauty. The most important is not her external beauty. She has inner beauty and with that beauty, she beautifies the whole environment with her love and selflessness.

The seventh power is her speech. Her soft voice decorated with graceful words are very appealing to the ears. She can pacify irate people very calmly. She doesn’t need to shout and retaliate like others. This quality encourages other to listen to her. At times, women make mistakes. Harsh or insensitive words can become the cause of bif wars. Like Draupadi insensitive words “ Blind’s son is blind”, became the root cause of Mahabharata war where millions lost their lives. They must be careful in this matter.

The eighth power is memory of the women. The memory of women is much sharper than others. She can remember many past events. She can use this power to memorize verses of scriptures like Bhagwat Gita. She can also learn various prayers and bhajans and also teach to the children. That way she can purify her memory in service of the Lord.

The ninth power is chastity. The biggest power of a woman is her chastity. Everybody always respect a chaste woman. Even the biggest demigods or demons bow down before a chaste woman. Sita is the best example of chastity. She saved her existence by a blade of grass that Ravan could never cross. Although he was the most powerful warrior, he could not lure Sita with any of his opulence. Sati Savitri could force Yamraj ji to give back her husband just because of her chastity.

The tenth power is inbuilt teaching skills. We all know that a mother is the first teacher of a child. She can teach others, especially by her attitude. She not only becomes an acharya for her child but also for the entire family and friends. A woman can use this power to educate values and spirituality to their children so that they can grow into a perfect human being.

The eleventh power women have the power to turn ego of anyone towards a positive task. For example, Mother Suniti turned the ego of the offended child Dhruva towards the Lord. By her guidance, Dhruva can please the Lord in just six months which is impossible for sages even in thousands of years.

More Special Powers

Women have many more special powers. Women is definitely more powerful than men. The problem arises when instead of focusing on her own powers, she tries to imitate men. Instead of women becoming a competitor of man, the nature has made them in such a way that they can become a perfect team. Having a career is not a question. Both man and woman changes their role in different situations like a perfect team member. But the issue is wrong social engineering and destructuive mental designing has changed the priorities of a women. Media has created an artificial feminism which has sabotaged the society creating a enemity and unnecessary competition within a family.

If she concentrates on her qualities, develops them in a positive direction, then she can become the torch-bearer for all. Then comes the true essence of Women’s Empowerment. She is the incubator of love and dedication in a family while a man gives perfect security and direction to a family. She finds fulfillment in giving love to her family. A perfect woman is who understands her qualities, enhances them and uses them to make her family live happily and ultimately she can shower happiness to the entire world.

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