Sri Narayani is currently helping so many parents in giving the right approach to cultivate their children. Parenting cannot be done in the old traditional way as the children are changing and so is their environment. So parents can learn the new language of children so that they can be given the right approach towards life and become responsible beings.

Programs for School by Sri Narayani

These days both Schools and Parents are facing problems in handling children.  There are so many disciplinary issues, bad habits and other challenges in giving education to students in right prospective.  Parents & Teachers definitely require help. They must learn various 21st Centaury techniques  to inculcate values of life along with academic excellence.  These life skill are very essential so that the children may not become emotionless money making machine.  They must learn innovative ideas to contribute to society and set an examples for others.

Sri Narayani has been working with students since 1997.  Along with focus on career and academic excellence.  She always encourage values in their character so that they can become ideal of this world.  As Bhagwat Gita said 3.2.

Program No. 1:
Seminar & Workshops for Parents & Teacher

  • How to practice
  • Holistic Parenting
  • How to make child Cooperative
  • How to handle emotions of a child
  • How to improve child’s exam performance
  • How to control the anger of child
  • How to resolve sibling rivalry
  • How to communicate with child
  • How to cultivate obedient child

RISE Program provides school-students authentic research & innovation experience with instilling the seed of social entrepreneurship early from the school-age to infuse related principles and practices into S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Education to include high levels of inquiry, discovery, and research with deep immersion and mentorship on next-generation technologies like Robotics, App Development, Web Development, AI, IoT, VR, and Drones, that impact academic success, personal development, a strong sense of community and professional opportunity to explore multiple career path options with bigger vision and purpose.

Program No. 3:
Value Education Curriculum Program

  • Different Value Education Curriculum for all age groups.
  • Special Value Education for preschoolers.
  • Yearly participation in various value education contests.
  • Special E-Books are designed to imbibe values in children based on principles of Bhagwat Gita.
Sri narayani With Students

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