Sri Narayani is currently helping so many parents in giving the right approach to cultivate their children. Parenting cannot be done in the old traditional way as the children are changing and so is their environment. So parents can learn the new language of children so that they can be given the right approach towards life and become responsible beings.
Sri narayani

Books are the basis, Purity is the force, Utility is the principle and Preaching is the essence

Being an Inquisitive child from childhood, she studied vedas as a part of school curriculum and topped on National platform and got scholarships many times. She joined ISKCON in 2001 and got the spirituality concepts from Srila Prabhupad books. She got connected to ISKCON Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. She got the blessings in the form of the Harinaam initiation and Brahman initiation from HH Gopal Krsna Goswami Maharaj ji. She is always been a keen student and believe in getting systematic trainings.
  • Completed her Bhakti Vriksha in 2002
  • Completed Journey of Self Discovery course in 2003
  • Done Training on ISKCON: Current Challenges & Solutions
  • Done Vaishnava Leadership Training & Education
  • Got Bhakti Sastri in 2012
  • Got TTC 1 training in 2012
  • Advanced Child Protection Training in 2015
  • Got TTC 2 training in 2020
  • Got Ombudsmen training in 2021 
  • Doing Bhakti Vaibhav 
By mercy of all Vaishnavas, she was always in preaching. In first 9 years, she did youth preaching and helped thousands of students get Krishna Consciousnes. Almost 52 Brahamcharis cultivated from her classes. After that she is been in congregation preaching and helping devotees to grow up in Krishna Consciousness. Taking classes and serving in ISKCON Rohini in all types of services and book distribution. Her Online spiritual classes are also reaching thousands of people, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupad. Her Youtube channel “Gita Gyan” has increasing number of devotees who really want to learn. Now she is serving as Principal of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School, Vrindavan.

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